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Configure fortigate HA monitor port through manager

I'm trying to configure a monitor port for my Fortigate HA cluster through the Fortimanager, but the box is greyed out in the GUI. Figuring this is perhaps a CLI only setting I had a look at these and can found the firewall>system>monitor setting. Perfect.


After entering the port I want to monitor in here and clicking Apply I get the attached pop up message.


There is a setting there that matches what's mentioned in this error:

firewall>system>hbdev = "port3",50 

However I haven't configured this using the fortimanager, that's come from the firewall itself when the policy was imported. I'm a little nervous to make changes to this when I'm not sure what they mean.


What's the best approach here? I have two identical clusters and both are behaving in the exact same way.


Fortimanager is 5.4.3

Fortigates are 5.2.10

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As a quick follow up. I needed to edit the HA CLI settings in fortimanager for each cluster, in accordance with the error:

firewall>system>hbdev = "port3" 50


This then allowed me to apply the setting and add the monitor port, although I then had to go back and remove the various threshold settings so that they wouldn't get applied to the boxes.

I've pushed the policy to the firewalls and all seems to be ok. However I did have a moment of panic when I looked in the Device Manager dashboard>HA settings and saw that this seemed to change my HA interface from port3 to ports1 & 2!!! However when I look at the actual CLI of the fortigates in question, this hasn't been applied, and port3 is still applied as the heartbeat interface.


Any ideas why the interfaces are displayed incorrectly in the GUI? See attached image.


Hi Guys, I have the same question too, I want to add one new interface for HA monitoring, but the HA tab is totally grey out. so I have to make the change from the fortigate and retrieve back to fortimanager. is there a way to do it from Manger ?


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