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Configure Fortigate 60E Firewall with Cisco 3560 layer 3 Switch

Hello  Everybody , I want to ask some configuration between fortigate 60E firewall and cisco 3560 layer 3 switch . So please check the attach file for my network instruction . how can i do it ?   i made 6 vlan in cisco switch and then i connected to fortigate firewall . When i connect to firewall i can't access the internet in all vlan and can't ping to firewall . Pls guide me how to do and configure fotigate firewall and  cisco switching vlan . i need step by step configuration of firewall and  cisco switch . Thanks you to everybody ,   With Respect  . . .   Minn . . .
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what vlan is the fortigate connected to? If possible move it to its own vlan and verifiy that the other vlans can route to the new switch-fortigate vlan.   


Make sure you set the default gateway or route 0 to that of the connected fortigate interface IP


Did you assign IPs to the vlan interfaces on the switch?  if not, ip the vlan interfaces and set the clients default gateway to the IP of the vlan.  see if you can ping the fortigate. 


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I don't know if you are using any kind of dynamic routing protocol - but it looks like probably not.


Easiest way is to create another VLAN dedicated for swtich/fortigate traffic with a small subnet (/28 or /29) and put only the switch and the Fortigate on that vlan.


Then you create a static route on the switch that points to the IP of the Fortigate on that "transit" vlan.


On the fortigate side, you'd create static routes for each of your subnet and point those to the IP of the Cisco on that transit VLAN. Or you could just use based on your diagram.

Does that help?