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Compatibility between FortiClient 6.0 and FortiOs 7.0 for SSL VPN before logon


One of my clients, big user of the "VPN before logon" option, upgraded his 301E from 6.2.11 to 7.0.9 last week. They currently have mostly FortiClient 6.0.5 installed on the Windows computers.

I expected the upgrade to break SSL VPN before logon, as I was under the impression that FortiClient 6.0.x could not run on FortiOs > 6.2 (that was information I seem to recall having seen around).

Apparently everything works fine, the users can still use VPN before logon, which is VERY good news.

However, is there clear and reliable information on which FortiClient is supported on which FortiOs?

The only information I have is the compatibility matrix of FortiClient EMS with other products, but nothing on the "regular FortiClient".

I think everyone using this feature should know that the free FortiClient 6.0 can be used on FortiOs 7.0 firmware tree, as it prevents having to spend thousands of dollars a year for a feature that was free to begin with.

omegle xender

Hi yuwon44,


FCT 6.0.x not compatible with FOS 7.0.x however FCT 6.0.x compatible with FOS 6.2.x

You can use below matrix to check


Even you can not you free VPN FCT with 7.0.x as its compatibility issue but you can use another free FCT for VPN like 6.4.x or 7.0.x


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