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Communicating from Fortigate to Remote Internal Interface



I have a scenario where I'm configuring site links via IPSec. To explain:

  • There is FGT Router A and FGT Router B both configured with an internal for the remote sites, and an external facing interface for internet/external access. All external traffic requests from the internal interface are passed through the external interface.
  • The two sites are linked through IPSec configured between Router A and Router B. In doing tests within the internal networks of the two sites, I am able to see and ping clients and server machines successfully.[/ul]

    For some reason, I can't seem to however access/ping the internal interface from the FGT routers despite being linked via IPSec. Hence, I was wondering if there is any additional rules/policies that I need to configure within the FGT routers to make this happen? My aim in regards to this is to add site-based servers to a local virtual server for load balancing.







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