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Cluster SNMP monitoring with VDOM

Hi All,

I couldn't find similar post on forum, unfortunately, so I am creating my own.

We are having A-P HA config of FortiGate 1500D, version 6.0.9 build0335 (GA).

We have inbound and out of band management - each has one dedicated port - mgmt and mgmt2, respectively.

We use dedicate HA management interfaces, so we can access each box separately, but for cluster management, we use mgmt1.

What is more, we have VDOMs enabled.

We are configuring SNMPv3 and we wanted to separately monitor each box and then monitor detailed information from VDOM.

Currently, we are monitoring each box only, while using dedicated HA interface, with configuration ha-direct enable under SNMPv3 user settings.

I know there is a possibility for SNMP monitoring of VDOM, using username for SNMPv3 user-VDOM_NAME, but unfortunately it does not work. I was using mgmt1 cluster IP for that purpose, SNMP access is allowed there. I cannot add a node to our monitoring tool (SolarWinds).

When I test connection, there is a reply from FortiGate to solarwinds, but test still fails.


Did anyone have a similar issue? Does anyone know how to fix this?

If you require any more information, I will add it of course.

Thanks, KF.


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