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Client VPN Connection Problem on mac



we currently have issues with the FortiClient VPN for a Mac OS device. The user will connect to the VPN and immediately disconnect despite it seemingly connecting successfully for a very short time. We don't receive any error message and can only find what happened in the logs. We don't have this issue with any other device using the same VPN, whether it's Windows or Mac. It's only this specific machine - there is also no difference to the other Mac clients. It's running MacOS Monterey (the newest version). No other VPN programs are installed. The device is brand new and less than a month old.

here the log file: 20211207 17:28:23 [FortiTray:INFO] AppDelegate.swift:100 App: FortiClient-7.0.2. -

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Erwarte hier leider nicht zuviel Support, ich hab ähnliche Probleme und warte bis heute auf Antworten :)


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