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Cleaner Reporting

A lot of the need we have for our FAZ is from mid-level management, who are generally not incredibly technical. The reports the Fortianalyzer generates have information I'd like to strip out- little things like all of the extra "Like this on FaceBook!" icons, possibly even banner ads, and other unnecessary content that clutters up reports. Is there a way to do this so that our managers see a cleaner report (And don't unnecessarily accuse their employees of FaceBooking)? I'm not afraid to dig in to SQL, just not experienced with this level of web reporting. I appreciate the help!

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Hello X0,

Easy thing: select the report your managers hate, go to the Layout tab and do whatever you like with the teXt0 and pictures. Regarding the fancy icons, you need to double click on the offending chart container in the layout, in order to find out the exact name of the chart/table it uses. Then go down in the report folder tree and select Charts, search the nasty table, open it and change the formatting of the (probably Site or App Category?) column from Icon to Default. As for the datasets, good luck with PostgreSQL, and with all the misterious functions, constants and important missing information regarding the log tables that Fortinet is luring us with. Good hunting, hawX!


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