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Checkpoint to Smartcenter to FortiGate firewall (VDOM)

Hello Team,


We are migrating from checkpoint Smartcenter to FortiGate, I am going to use FortiConverter tool to convert checkpoint firewall policy to FortiGate firewall policy.


the question is, we have fortimanager as well to manage our fortiGate firewall/VDOM. is it possible to convert checkpoint smartcenter firewall policy to fortimanager format.


I tried converting to fortimanager format but I don't see any output file , I could see only fw.csv excel with source and destination marked as any . Please help me.




Yes, you can convert from Smart Center to FortiManager (or FortiGate, you have the choice.)


Please note that you require a license for this functionality. If you don't have one, you won't get any output files for the conversion.


If you do have a license, please send details of this issue to


Many thanks


I am getting output only in csv format when converting from smart center to fortimanager format but source and destination interfaces are marked as any.


 is it expected behaviour when converting checkpoint smart center to fortimanager format ?


but in the meantime, when converting to fortiGate format I get an option to upload routing information. output also comes in .txt and .csv format





When converting CP to FortiManager, we use the 'any' interface for all interfaces (so the firewall is network based.)


To name interfaces in the firewall policy, you should convert to FortiGate first. You can then import this into FortiManager.


Many thanks,



Hello all,


I am going to convert checkpoint version 80 R20 to fortigate , what pre plans or pre perorations do have to do ?


What pros and cons do i have to consider please?


Thank you in advance.


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