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Captive portal issue - fails to open auth page



I read carefully topics here, but could not find working solution. 

I have a FG-40F test unit, made a vlan on it (99) with pool FG has address
On this vlan I set up captive portal like this:


If I set as excempt DNS service here, it disappears on next interface opening

On this stage I use internal users, created on FG unit.
DNS is set = Same as interface IP, so I assume it is
I also added a policy for DNS to go outside for unauthorized users (src=vlan, dst = wan):


 Also I made a letsencrypt certificate for this domain and made a static dns entry:


The problem is that on different types of devices it operates different way, but works only on iPhone - when I can by opening some websites trigger appearance of login window in browser to authenticate. On Mac it is also sometimes working through browser. 

But on Android I usually see:
1) Message: 

2) In case if I disable https authentication I even see on Android auth popup but with no content: 

The web page at could not be loaded because:




The questions are:
1) How to see login page by connecting to wifi on Apple | Android | Windows without any actions, like it works usually? And without opening browsers. As an AP there is Unifi configured with wlan on 99 vlan - so device gets dhcp params from FG well 
2) How to fix Letsencrypt certificate so portal could work on https without certificate notices? 


Hi Alex

For your first question I think this post can help.


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Side note, but Apple tech support is awesome. The person I spoke with was knowledgeable and did a great job helping me troubleshoot. It's really nice being able to just chat with them through iMessage at a moment's notice, I almost can't believe they do it for free considering how in-depth and responsive they were.

router login 192.168.l.l
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For now I got:
1. Portal can have LE certificate:
config firewall auth-portal
set portal-addr "fqdn"
config user setting

set auth-secure-http enable
set auth-cert "LE"

2. Also logic of checking connectivity by portal works a bit other way, so there should be opened some addresses as exempt-dst: 
3. Message: 
ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED on ANDROID apears due to DoH. I could disable it only partially, popup window still produces this message. Also better is to disable safe browsing in Chrome :)
So, now I see empty popup on Apple devices and DNS Error on Android - in case of popup authentication windows 
4. Authentication works in browser (Safari / Chrome) - but to get a screen with login data you have to input to the address - and this magic works :)
5. When auth form opens, it looks like a popup just with login and password, but no design like it has to be normally. Do not understand why 
Will check a couple of things later 
But this anyway looks very strange as soon as also is impossible to use DNS redirection, like even made on many much cheaper Mikrotik devices


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