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Cant access root vdom

hi guys, 


i ran into the same problems now several times with different 100Ds with 5.0.9 and it drives me crazy and Fortigate Support had no clue or solution for it. Maybe iam not alone with this problem and you know how to solve it.



Firewall acts strange so i try to login via ssh thats working i can also do a config global and some commands like get sys perf status or show sys interface but when i do 

onxxxxxxd@xxxxx0004:~$ ssh's password: Axxx-1 # Axxx-1 # config vdom

Axxx-1 (vdom) # edit root current vf=root:0



thats all what i see. 


And also web interface some functions/button are working some not.


The only way to get solve it is to reboot the box by power off the device and execute reboot didnt do the trick the box never came up again only with physical power off and power on the box.


I now upgrade to 5.0.12 when this occurs but iam not sure if its only an FortiOS version problem or somehow and configuration problem.


Maybe some of you had the same problem.


Let me know


thx and regards



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