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Cannot connect to remote fortigate sslvpn from behind my new fortigate 100F

I utilize a fortigate at my office, and manage a contract customer's site that has another fortigate.  The two sites are not connected or related in any way.


Prior to swapping out my 60d with a 100F fortigate last weekend, my SSLVPN connection to the remote site worked fine.


Post-swap, my connection to the remote site fails at 80% with "Unable to logon to the server.  Your username or password may not be configured properly for this connection.  (-12)"


Nothing has changed at remote site, and I can connect to it fine from home.  I have 25 other users for that company that are logging in fine.   I replicated all policies, etc when I brought the new 100F online.   I have uninstalled and reinstalled Forticlient on my PC and reconfigured the settings.  Still have no luck connecting to the remote site when I am behind my site firewall.


Any guesses as to what I am missing?  I am certain my account and password is fine (and working when not here), and that the remote access settings are correct (again, tested when not behind the firewall).  What would prevent the SSLVPN from connecting only when I am behind my 100F?  BTW, IP address ranges at both sites are different and are not colliding...


Thanks for any suggestions

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Since nobody has given a thought, I might provide you a starting point to dig for.

I had similar errors in multiple cases. This is not a exact match for the problem but;

- SSl inspection in the new FortiGate could be a good start point to look at (Certificate trust issues may prevent traffic)

- TLS version could be another point of interest. Some posts suggest that disabling a certain version eliminates these errors. I had no luck with this method but I just want to mention it here. 


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