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Can the built-in IPerf test different networks ?

Hi, Guys, 


A stupid question.

we are using Fortigate 600E with FortiOS V7.0.3.


A extranet infrastructure; we have a Fortigate connected private link (VLAN886- connecting to the 3rd party network, and their IPERF server/Linux system ( is behind the link (test to the IPerf server; pingtest OK, routetable OK, from the Fortigate interface/

1. the Fortigate link inteface =

2. the IPERF server =


We got the following problem:

Forti600E_03 # diag traffictest server-intf Vlan886
server-intf: ha

Forti600E_03 # diag traffictest client-intf Vlan886
client-intf: mgmt

Forti600E_03 # diag traffictest port 5201
port: 5201

Forti600E_03 # 

Forti600E_03 # diag traffictest run -c
Can not find ip (ha)
Command fail. Return code -1

Forti600E_03 #



Any suggestion/recommendation. thx ?




Hello Benson,

Please refer the below , hope this helps

Best regards,

Rathan Subbaiah
Fortinet EMEA TAC Engineer
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Hi, Rathan_FTN.


Pingtest OK, telnet port OK, traceroute OK.

but "diag traffictest run -c" failed, and the returned code is same:

Can not find ip (ha)
Command fail. Return code -1


I think: 

"Can not find ip (ha)" ..... means the Fortigate built-in iperf client can not find the Iperf3 server, due to the iperf3 server is not connected to Fortigate interfaces subnet ?





New Contributor II

Very late, but for anybody coming here with the same error.

I found you need to set the server interface to a configured interface (e.g. with an IP). Default this is the HA port, which may not be active in every setup.


It also echoes back the set interface when setting it. If it is something different then you asked for, then it didn't work, probably a typo or non-existing interface. (As shown in the earlier posts.)


So you need these commands to run a test successfully:

diagnose traffictest port 5200
diagnose traffictest proto 0
diagnose traffictest client-intf port15
diagnose traffictest server-intf port15

diagnose traffictest run -c x.x.x.x


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