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Can't ping from FortiGate to client connected to FortiSwitch

We adopted a Fortiswitch via the Fortilink and created a VLAN, the VLAN is untagged on the switch port and connected a PC

I can ping from the machine to the Fortigate which is the gateway for that VLAN but I can't ping from the FortiGate to the machine. I also turned DHCP on that VLAN and the PC got an IP but could not ping from the FortiGate also.

I am missing something stupid probably, but can't figure it out.

Thanks for the help in advance


Hi Yancha,


Can you share the output of below command to verify if packet is sent out from Firewall

dia sniffer packet any 'host x.x.x.x' 4 0 a
where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the PC connected behind the fortiswitch

collect the logs while pinging from the PC to FGT and FGT to PC



I think on Windows workstation, ICMP-in is blocked on its Windows Firewall. Could you check it?

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When U ping from a Fortigate U ping from Fortigate default interface probably not the vlan interface.
And U dont have a role for allowing ping between the nets.
U have to set what interface U ping from. with cli : 
execute ping-options interface
<string> Auto | <outgoing interface>.
Set the Vlan interface on FGT as outgoing and try to ping