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Can NOT access shared file but PING and remote access is good

Hi folks,

I'm using FortiGate 300D. Fireware version v5.4.1,build1064.

My FortiClient connected successfully. I could use windows Remote desktop connection to log in my fileserver. But it was failed while I tried to access shared file by using "\\IPs".  I tried IPsec and SSl. Both failed.


Could anyone advise it? 

Appreciated in advance. 

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You must be using a remote access vpn with either IPSec or SSL. To access the internal devices with the same the DNS server who knows how to translate the names to IP addresses needs to be the DNS server on the client machine. You can change it manually on the machine when it's connected to a vpn. But there is a way to make it automatic on both IPSec and SSL VPN.


<SSL vpn>


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