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Can Fortianalyzer receive events from two different fortimanager ADOMS versions?

FYI, I am new to fortimanagers and fortianalyzers.


We are looking at upgrading our fortimanager from ver 6.2.7 to 6.4.7 we currently have an ADOM 6.2. Our plan is to create a new ADOM version 6.4 and move the fortigates to the new ADOM as we upgrade them, this will result in having two ADOMS, one version 6.4 and the other version 6.2 both sending logs/events to fortianalyzer


Our current fortianalyzer is running v6.2.3 and we want to know if it can handle logs from two different ADOM versions. I looked around in the support documents and could not find an answer.


I am thinking that we would need to upgrade the fortianalyzer to 6.4.7 before we upgrade the fortimanager and the fortigates, but would it be able to understands the events from the two different ADOM versions?


Thanks in advanced for any help!!


If FGT version is be 6.4, FAZ must also be on 6.4 as FAZ with 6.2 will not support FGT on 6.4

And yes, if FAZ is on 6.4, it will receive the logs for FGT version 6.4 and 6.2


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