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Bypass Captive Portal on Cloud failure



I'm trying to implement a resilience mechanism on my clients with Fortigate to bypass the Hotspot Redirection if my Cloud is not ok. I've look through the options that FortiOS offers but I couldn't find an approach that fully satisfies my, so I would deeply appreciate your help. 


Some considerations: the hotspot resources, and radius server is hosted on the cloud and it's closed through IPSEC tunnel.


I will describe the automation (script) I've done in other gateways that allows easy scripting and scheduling:

  • From time to time I try to fetch a file from the cloud server;
  • This file contains a value that states if all the core services in the machine are fine (basically radius, nginx, mysql)
  • If a 3 consecutive tries fails I bypass the hotspot (either because the VPN is down, or the cloud server reported that a core service is not ok)
  • The script keeps doing it's job and once it gets 3 consecutive success I set the Hotspot authentication up[/ul]


    Is there any way in FortiOS to accomplish something similar?


    Don't focus too much on the trigger event from the example above (fetching a file and reading the contents), as I'm open for other alternatives.

    Detecting a VPN/Radius failure to the server and bypassing the hotspot, and resuming the operation once those are up would be enough for now.


    Thanks a lot for your time.




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