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Bulk set IP addresses for self-originated traffic

Is there an easy way to set a source IP in bulk using Fortimanager?


For example, I need to run something like this on 70 Firewalls....

config system saml
set status enable
set server-address <Specific IP>


The only way I have found to do this so far is to create a meta variable on the FM that has the value i need (or at least the octet) and then use  that in a CLI template.  Problem is, I don't want to have to manually edit that many objects in FM (Would actually be faster to ssh one by one and run the command manually)


Anybody have a faster method?

Thanks in advance!




Using metafields/metavariable are the best way and once your define these variables you can reuse this in as many CLI script or configurations objects as you want. 


If you start adding source IP manually for different configuration components with out metafields by login to each device individually this will be cumbersome because you may get such requirements may on different time period. So on a longer run, metafields will always be helpful, because once you define this, it  will always available for you to use.


If anyone has better solution, you may choose that. 


Best Regards,



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