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Block One drive client

Hi Guys,


I am struggling with blocking one drive client. we have a requirement that our customers want to block the one drive client in the pc but should be able to access it via office365 online.


What I have done so far:


1-Created specific rule for the customer with App.control that blocks one drive signatures. this app control basically blocks anything except allow Microsoft 365.


2-Created Web filter that blocks Information Technology and Storage categories.


3-enabled Deep SSL inspection.


When I have done the first 2 steps the one drive was still able to sign-in and sync without any issue.


when i enabled Deep SSL inspection it stops both client and the one drive online which is not acceptable.


I have also tried to add a custom URL in web filter overriding and added the <name> that also stopped both the online and the client from working.


Any suggestions ??


Thanks in advance



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