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Block Mobile app

I need to block Mobile app from access to internets such as YouTube and social media, policy is working perfectly with laptops connected to wifi, but for smartphone connected to same wifi network. its not working. 


whats going on please help.






you will have to check on the matching policy what exactly is logged on when your mobile is causing the traffic that gets allowed. I don't know how you are blocking (DNS, Web filter, application control or ISDB?) but would guess the mobiles are using a different site than the desktop versions. Typically, it is done because of a mobile optimization and FortiGate categories might either not know it or you haven't selected the respective mobile version.

For example YouTube:

One is the mobile variant, the other is the desktop.


Another thing to see is the inspection profile on the policy. The FortiGate must be able to read the traffic, if it cannot read it, but only see a few TLS certificate exchanges or IP addresses, then that is the only thing that can be acted upon and blocked.


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