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Basic EMAC-VLAN question

I have a FGT-600F cluster running 7.0.14. On it I have two vdoms, one with a VLAN interface on an X physical interface, and one with a EMAC-VLAN on the other vdom.


The two vdoms cannot communicate with each other via these interfaces.


Configuration is as so:



config global
config system interfaces
    edit "x1"
        set vdom "root"
        set status down
        set type physical
        set snmp-index 27
        set speed 10000full
    edit "Transit-E-2398"
        set vdom "Edge"
        set ip
        set allowaccess ping
        set snmp-index 146
        set interface "x1"
        set vlanid 2398
    edit "Transit-G-2398"
        set vdom "Gridway-436"
        set ip
        set allowaccess ping
        set type emac-vlan
        set snmp-index 147
        set interface "Transit-E-2398"



The X interface is up and passing traffic to other VLANs in each vdoms (this is the only VLAN I am attempting to share).


Both vdoms can ping an external IP address on the same vlan,, and that address can ping both vdoms on this vlan.


Neither vdom has the mac address of the partner interface in its arp table, but both have the mac address of the external system.


As you can probably tell, I'm trying to route traffic between these two vdoms.


What have I done wrong?

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A caveat to take under consideration is that traffic that are going between emac-vlan interfaces that are based on the same physical (or vlan) interface are not NPU accelerated. Ini a nutshell, if you are trying to send traffic between two VDOMs that are using the same interface that their emacvlan is based on, it will not be hardware accelerated by NPU. The workaround to this is to use npu vdom-link.
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Interesting. Do you know if the inter-vdom links are accelerated? 


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