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Bandwidth Graphs from VLANS Incorrect

We have a Fortigate 60D with different configured vlans for the network endusers.

The Fortigate is running Firmware Version 5.6.3, and i have created a dashboard with the interface bandwidth graphs. 

What i saw is that the graphs from the vlan interfaces doesn't show as much bandwidth usage as the physical interface where the vlans are configured on.


There are only clients in the vlans and none in the untagged vlan on the physical interface. So all the data is generated in the vlans. I even tested with a longer download and speedtest and saw the used bandwidth on the graphs from the physical interface, but not on the bandwidth interface from the vlan.


When i retreive the counters through snmp i get the same values as in the bandwidth graphs in the Fortigate interface.

Interesting is, is that there is a correlation between bandwidth usage on the physical interface and the vlans, but the numbers are way off.


Is there any explanation for what is happening here?

And is there a way to fix this?


i attached a screenshot from the situation i am looking at.

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When is was looking around in the Fortigate i discovered the correct values on the Fortiview -> interfaces page.

But unfortunatly there is no history graph from these values.

If i could get these values through snmp then it would be alright for me.


Hi, did you find the answer for this question?


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