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BGP default route from RIB

Hello, I have a VDOM_A with an interface to our ISP that receives DHCP and a default route.

I also have a BGP peer relationship in VDOM_A with VDOM_B.

I want to automatically advertise the default route received from the ISP in VDOM_A to VDOM_B.

Will this happen automatically or do I need to specify it in the BGP advertised network list or via the default-information-originate' command ?


Thank you.


If VDOM_A is always the path to the internet for VDOM_B, you can use "capability-default-originate" or even a static default route on _B side. Just aware those are there all the time even when the circuit is down, but shouldn't matter.


If you want to advertise DHCP learned default route, which is a static route, over BGP only when that exists, first you have to redistribute it into BGP domain. Then as long as you don't filter it out with a route-map, it should be advertised to VDOM_B over BGP.


config router bgp

  config redistribute static

    set status enable




If you don't want to redistribute all other static routes into BGP, you have to create a prefix-list to match the default route then refer to it in a route-map, and then configure it under the "redistribute static" section.




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