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Automate Logon Script after logon - SSLVPN with FortiClient

Does anyone know if there is a way to force a logon script to run when a user logs into SSLVPN with FortiClient?  The logon script would simply be to map network drives.  The end game is to have the user log in and have the script run to map network drives once they are connected without them having to run it manually.

Sonicwall NetExtender client had a configuration option to either run the AD logon script for the user, or run a .bat file after logon.  I'm not seeing anything like that in the FortiClient.  I really miss that feature.  

Can someone tell me if this is possible?


BTW, we are using a FortiGate 60D on 5.4.0


On forticlient, there is the exact same functionality as on sonicwall. However, there is a difference in how to implement this. You need to go to File tab on the forticlient and then export the configuration file on your desktop. Once you have done that, you have to open this xml config file and add the script as mentioned in the admin guide on page 100:


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