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Auto login in VPN Web Portal through active directory server

I have use active directory in other Laravel app, which is redirected at vpn web portal through Laravel app and again portal want login, We actually want when someone redirect into vpn web portal through Laravel app , there is no need to login Ist time but if session expire login required.
Same active directory server use for login in Laravel app and VPN web portal.


Hey za,


FortiGate VPN will need to get the user credentials from somewhere when a new SSLVPN session is set up.

The only SSO option for VPN login at the moment is SAML - if your Laravel app performs a SAML login, and FortiGate SSLVPN login redirects to the same SAML server, then the already existing login from Lavarel can apply to SSLVPN and the user will not need to log in again for VPN.

However, if there is no SAML setup, there is no way for the FortiGate to know or check if the user is already authenticated elsewhere, and the FortiGate will instead need its own login.


There are SAML integrations that work with AD, so the user credentials would still be the same.

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