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Asset list / inventory report - Hostnames and Serial Numbers



How do I create a report for providing a list of the fortiwifi devices in the fortimanager's VDOMs?  We have over 500.  I mostly just need the hostname, IP, and serial number, that can be listed in a csv or spreadsheet.


I opened a ticket with support, though since the report didn't exist they can't help--Nothing was technically broken.  I don't know SQL either, so that doesn't help with trying to figure out how to spit out the data.


This page shows some info about creating the data set, though I don't know where to start with the query.


Any suggestions on how to proceed, or has anyone else come across this?  Searches in the forum and google didn't provide anything useful for this situation.


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We ended up having someone write a script to pull the relevant data out of the exported device list (extract the .dat file w/ 7zip and rename to a .txt).  The script then wrote the needed data to a .csv.


Somewhat amazing there was no built in inventory/asset list, in my opinion.


Hi drywall, 


I use this Fortimanager feature..  Export Device List


Export to CSV


It is right under the Device Manager's More option. 






Hi Mamuning2017,


What version of fortimanager do you have?  We're using v5.6.3.  We're only able to export the device list as a .dat file.  From there we extract it and parse the data.




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