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Are these features supported by FortiEDR


I'd like to know if the below features are included in FortiEDR?

1. Host based firewall

2. Remote Endpoint Application Deployment

3. Support third-party software installation

4. Web and Email Security and threat protection for endpoint.

5. Inbound and outbound content filtering

6. Intrusion Prevention System and Intrusion Detection System ( IPS and IDS)

7. Force Scan for removable devices

8. Indicators of Compromise Scan (IoC)

9. Management Including monitoring, logging, reporting and alerting


Thanks in advance

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All are supported except the 3rd point. 


And also what do you mean by remote endpoint application deployment-- Do you want to install 3rd party applications using EDR ? or do you want to know if EDR client can be installed remotely. 

Rosa Technocrat -- Also on YouTube---Please do Subscribe
Rosa Technocrat -- Also on YouTube---Please do Subscribe


I want to know if FortiEDR supports installing remotely and third-party applications as well.


Thanks in advance

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Doing a PoC with a client right now and it’s not going well. One of the agents is blocking known-good applications on a server in their environment and is not phoning home with what it’s blocking and/or why leaving them in a position where they cannot create an exception. TAC is involved and trying to figure it out .

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