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Anyone using Fortiswitch LACP to Server 2019 teamed LACP

Hello everyone,


I'd like to inquire if you have experience configuring FortiSwitch LACP in conjunction with teamed LACP on a Windows Server 2019 setup. If you have, could you kindly share your insights and experiences? Specifically, I'm interested in knowing if you've encountered any issues. Additionally, do you employ the LACP teaming mode with dynamic load balancing on the windows server?


I'm currently investigating a packet loss problem that seems to be occurring exclusively on servers configured with this particular teaming mode. I'm wondering if any of you have faced challenges or complications when using LACP teaming with FortiSwitches. Any input or feedback would be greatly appreciated and immensely helpful.


Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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I can't speak to the Windows side of things but are the interfaces part of a "Trunk" configuration on the FortiSwitch?  Are these switches managed by a FortiGate, standalone, or FortiLAN Cloud?

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Managed by a fortigate. The ports going to the server are setup as an LACP trunk in the fortigate managed fortiswitches.

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