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Anyone played with FortiSwitch using FortiLink to a HA pair of FortiGates?

I'm curious if anyone has tried out one of the FortiSwitch with an HA pair of FortiGates, using FortiLink to integrate the switch management into the FortiGates.  How much simpler does this make managing WAN, VLANs, LAN routing, etc. versus using an HP, Cisco or other switch in front of the FortiGates?


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I have it at two of our locations currently.  Our main has about 10 switches going to a pair of 600D. 


It's nice as far as it allows me to setup vlans on the fortigate.  Also on the fortigate it shows me what devices and user are connected to the switch port.  Also gives you Physical layers.  I have redundant connections to each of the switch which took no configuration to setup.  I t automatically recognized them as fortilinks


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