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Android Forticlient disonnects

Hi everyone, 


can anyone help to solve the issue on android forticlient.

Once a user is connected through sslvpn or ipsec remote vpn, the user disconnects at random time intervals. Even when data is transmitted .


idle timeout is set to null in the fortigate


Tested android forticlient versions

  • Forticlient
  • Forticlient version 5 build 0168[/ul]

    Tested android versions android 8.0




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    Hi support. 

    Bumping this topic, as I am seeing the same / similar behavior with Android clients disconnecting, with no set time, it seems sporadic.

    Assistance greatly appreciated.


    Hi FortiDave,


    one thing you could try is to run sslvpnd debug on the FFortiGate and then wait for the issue to occur.

    diag debug console timestamp enable

    diag debug app sslvpn -1

    diag debug duration 480

    diag debug enable

    diag sniffer packet any 'host <your_android_ip>'


    Then see what happens. Maybe your android does a network change or has the option enabled to run connectivity via both Wi-Fi and cell network. If the wifi is bad, the mobile could be switching to the cell network IP/adjust the route, no idea how it does that. The SSLVPN would then be disconnected.

    Depends on the phone model on where you can disable/check the status of the setting. Some have it hidden in the developer options.


    Best regards,



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    Sorry Markus, I only seen this response. Thanks, Ill take a look and revert.

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