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Analytics Data not storing

Hi guys,


when we tried to run some FAZ reports we found we could only get results for the past 24 hours. So I went into storage info and sure enough it shows as follows:

Analytics Actual/config days = 1/40

Archive Actual/config days = 38/180

Analytics used/max = 16gb/30gb

Archive usage used/max = 11gb/20gb


I checked this again after several days, still we only see 1/40 for analytics data. Any idea what it could be?


disk settings are:

max allowed: 50Gb (available 50.1)

analytics archive: 60%

alert and delete when usage reaches = 95%


Seems like the FAZ is just dumping all the data older than 1 day for some reason. When I just check the normal traffic logs in FAZ, indeed there are no logs older than 1 day!


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