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Adding multiple TACACS+ servers for auth

Currently we have Fortimanager setup using 1 TACACS+ server and would like to update that since we have more then one server for redundancy. When I went to add see if I could add a secondary server under System settings > Admin > Administrator, I noticed there is only a drop down for one server which is pointing to our Remote Auth Server TACACS+ (which is pointing to one node). If I go to add a remote auth server for Radius I notice there's an option to add a secondary server. I'm wondering if the only way to have automated fail over to a backup remote AAA server is to use Radius? My only other thought is to add multiple administrators each with the same accounts pointing at different TACACS+ servers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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No one is doing this? I re-read the documentation and there's no mention of it.


Option A: Multiple TACAS+ administrators Option B: Switch to using Radius


If you are using FGT, you may add multiple Tacacs+ server to same "User Group".

But from your description, it look like it is for FortiManager which may not support it. You may move this post to FortiManager site, thanks.


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