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Adding 26 locations with dual redundant IPSec tunnels - OSPF vs. BGP

Hello all,


We currently have 26 locations on private MLPS. We will be installing standard internet circuits, as well as a backup cellular connection via Fortiextender.

I want to do a Hub and Spoke configuration; in the past I would simply create an IPSec tunnel over each interface (Primary and cellular backup), and then do OSPF cost based routing for redundancy. (Cellular tunnel would have a higher cost)

However, it seems that my 200F (hub) can only support a maximum of 10 OSPF neighbors. ( I would need to add 52 (26 sites, two tunnels each)

Should I be going to BGP instead? If so, how would I configure redundancy between the two tunnel interfaces? I've only done OSPF in the past.



please refer the below document and use bgp over the tunnel its easy for route manipulation and choose the best path 


please refer the below document and configure :


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