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Add dynamically route to clients



I am beginner in Fortigate.

I just created a L2TP/IPSec VPN as

Everything within the cli console.

Where the Fortigate is, there are all clients in the following network:

I set different addresses for VPN clients:

I can connect from Windows clients with the native VPN client

The issue is about the option to use the remote default Gateway in the new virtual interface created for the VPN

If I check this option, I can ping to any remote machine but I cannot browse any Internet page, the default Gateway obtenied in the VPN interface is

If I unchech this option (Which I prefer, I prefer to use the local Gateway for Internet querys) Internet is working but I cannot reach anything on the network, and I have not a route to this network.


How can I configure fortigate to dinamically add a route to the on the vpn clients?

Is there any setting missed up?


Thanks in advance.



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I solved the issue, changing the IP pool inside of the same remote network, example:

Buy anyway I would like to know if there are any setting to do in the fortigate, for adding automatically a route in VPN clients to this network

Another thing is that if I set another pool (outside the network), how can I reach the fortigate if this does not have any IP on this network.  Example, I set fortigate to asign addresses to VPN clients but fortigate does not have any IP in


Any Idea?


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