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Action to delay certain message delivery


I am writing here because Fortimail even with Fortisanbbox cloud does not seem to be much good in detecting hyperlinks to phishing forms. Recently we receive quite a lot of e-mails with links to public clouds, especially,, sendgrid, etc. There is usually a fake logon form trying to get usernames/passwords.


Of course we teach our users, we submit samples to Fortinet and to storage providers, but this just does not help. I even wrote an dictionary profile which quarantines messages if the contain links for well-known hosts above, Fortinet should just get better at identifying these and I hope it will soon.


In the meantime, I was wondering - if we had an option to deliberately delay e-mails which contain such links, it may help greatly. If we give more time to cloud providers to shutdown these URLs or simply give more time to antivirus/antispam/sandbox engines to update, we may get better results.


Any help or ideas appreciated.





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