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Accessing Administrative Interface over SSL-VPN Proxy

I've got a FortiWifi 61E, running v6.0.3.

I've got the SSL-VPN working, and I'm able to log into it and browse to sites on my local LAN successfully. The SSL-VPN is configured to NAT into the same address space as the local LAN.

I am trying to configure things such that I can access the HTTPS admin interface of the FortiWifi via the SSL-VPN's web proxy mode.

I can browse to the FortiWifi's IP address perfectly fine, and am presented with the login form as usual. When I try to log in with valid credentials, the login page simply redirects back to itself, with no error messages or anything.


I turned on [<font]diag debug app sslvpn -1 and tried this process. I see a GET request for[<font][<font] /logincheck, then another GET request for [<font]/ng/prompt?viewOnly&redir=/ng/[<font]. My interpretation is that the login request is being denied by the FortiWifi for some reason.


[<font]Unfortunately I'm not sure how to debug this further. What's the best way to debug login attempts?


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