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Access Denied in root vdom


I tried to configure VDOM on my Fortigate (configure system global - set vdom-admin enable)

You get logged out and then I logged in with my admin account again (super-admin).

When i change to the root vdom and try to go to policys, I only get "Access Denied".

Running 5.4.1.


Is there something i missed?

If i create a new user with prof-admin profile and assign the user to the root vdom I can log in with that user and change the policys.


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I can confirm that this is only happening when I log in to the fortigate via the SSLVPN portal.

If I login from the local inside subnet i dont get this error.


Via the CLI I do not have any access problems. So it's only in the GUI.

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Seeing the same issue with the default admin log in, it doesn't allow me to create Vdom in the web gui, via IP or USB.


If I add another admin then that one works fine.

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I created a case to Fortinet support and they've identified a bug. Still not resolved but its registered.


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