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ASUS RT-AC86U behind Fortigate 60C 5.2.13

Good day all,

Here is my setup:

Internet --­­> ISP Cable Modem --> Fortigate 60C --> ASUS RT-AC86U

Fortigate 60C:


Internal: Manual IP

DHCP Server: IP start - end:

Firewall policy to forward port UDP 1194 to the ASUS RT-86U WAN IP ( in order to connect to the RT-AC68U VPN Server with an Android Phone. It works but.....see below!




DHCP Server: IP start - end

VPN Client: ON

VPN Server: ON


Bandwidth (ISP advertises 60 down / 10 up):

Without VPN Client on RT-AC86U: 68 down / 13 up

With VPN Client on RT-AC86U: 66 down / 12 up


Like I said, everything is working as expected with only one exception. I can successfully connect the Android phone to the ASUS VPN Server...but I can't browse the web with any browser on the Android phone (same issue when connected on the VPN Server with my laptop by using a WIFI hotspot outside my LAN). I can use apps like Google Play or even Facebook Messenger with no problem at all. It is weird....It seems to be an issue with Fortigate Firewall blocking HTTP/HTTPS from Internal to WAN 1.....Am I wrong?


Any help would be much more than appreciated!

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Could be a number of things. Do you have a policy allowing Internet access? Sounds like it should be internal as the source interface and wan1 as the destination interface. Also make sure your DHCP server is assigning proper DNS server(s) and default gateway. Check the traffic logs or run a "diag sniff packet..." command to see if you can view the traffic passing through the Fortigate.





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