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AP Identification Help

Hi All,

New to Fortinet ecosystem and just inherited one. I am trying to work on updates for some FAP221E and 221C's. This is all the info I can see about them in the FortiGate.

At this time we are waiting on a new FG to arrive, and the service license on the current one has lapsed and expire - so I need to manually update these. All the while, I am trying to make sure these APs are compatible with a new 40F (currently using a 100E) .

When I went to check the compatibility matrix and to grab firmware, I discover there are many kinds of FortiAPs. There is a FortiAP, FortiAP-C,S,U,and W2. How can I determine what mine are without going onsite?


I have been googling this, and have sifted through the admin configuration guides, but cant seem to find this simple detail.

TL;DR: How do i determine is my FortiAPs are FortiAPs, FortiAP-C, S, U, or W2?


The 221E is categorized under FortiAP-W2 and the 221C is under FortiAP. The 221C's last version seems to be 6.0.6. Its EOS date is 2023-10-14. I found this info just browsing through the download page and Product Life Cycle page.


It's not about FGT model for the compatibility. But it's about the FortiOS and AP's firmware's compatibility.

If you're planning to run 6.4.9 on the 40F, you can check FortiOS 6.4.9's release notes, saying below:
  FortiAP   - 5.4.2 and later

                   - 5.6.0 and later

  FortiAP-W2    - 5.6.0 and later


But if you're planning to run like 7.0.6 on the 40F, its release notes don't say about it any more. Instead, you need to check AP's release notes. FortiAP-W2 version 7.0.4 release notes say:
  FortiOS    7.0.6 and later.



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