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AD polling vs. FSSO Agent

Good morning,


1 x AD W2K8R2

1 x Fortigate 100D


what's best practise? Polling or FSSO Agent?


I found cookbook entries for both, but can't rate polling mode in comparison to FSSO agent.





Hi Pitbullracer,

local poller on fortigate is very limited feature. It scans just a couple (literally) event IDs, it doesn't support NTLM, it can't do workstation checks... and it also doesn't work very well.

I honestly suggest you to use standalone FSSO CA (advanced mode, polling with WMI).  It is mature piece of software and works in very large environments.

Unless you are adventurous nature, or you want just something to play with, don't go for local fortigate poller.


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