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802.3ad Aggregate questions

I am using fortigate 80E firewall.
In the fortigate 80E firewall, through 802.3ad Aggregate,
I created one redundant interface and set the IP band to
A stack is configured with a switch under these two redundant ports,
and servers are planned to be connected through teaming under it.
The problem is that the server's IP is 10.0.64.x and it belongs to the lan interface.
I need to change the IP of this server to 10.0.65.x, but it is difficult to do so.
So it seems I can't use this method. Is there a way to enable redundancy without changing the server's IP?

Not quite sure what you're trying to explain. But sounds like it's not LAG config issue but subnet assignment issue on two different interfaces. The same subnet can't co-exist on two different interfaces. No way around it. So if you can't change server IPs, you need to change LAN subnet. Not sure why it's difficult to change server IPs. But that has to be figured out soon or later, which is to me much more important/urgent issue, if your an IT person responsible managing them, than splitting the server network from LAN network.




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