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5GHz unstable

Hi all


I am having problems with 5GHz WIFI.


My setup is:

FG60E - v6.2.0 build0866 (GA)

PU321E - v5.4-build0072


First problem:

I am using HEOS by Denon. 3 WIFI speakers streaming audio constantly from the TV.

If i then stream a 4K video over the same wifi radio, from a phone.. the sound starts to stutter on the Heos speakers.

Even if i start a speedtest on the phone, the stuttering starts.


Second problem:

Once or twice during a day, all clients on 5Ghz radio loose connectivity with FG and FAP for 2-3 minutes.

The devices are still associated with the FAP in the time period.



I had the same issues with previous FortiOS on the 6oE, and the FAPU221 AP's.

My conclusion is that there is something i am missing on the FG unit.. Perhaps some setting?


Any ideas anyone? Perhaps some multicast issue?







New Contributor

Today i put up another AP, a RT5300 Asus and moved all HEOS speakers to this AP.

No more stuttering! Isnt the FortiAP's able to handle this kind of traffic?


Now it seems i can "see" the HEOS speakers cross SSID's too, witch I couldnt before.

(I have "Block Intra SSID traffic" turned off on the FG)


Random disconnects seems to have stopped to, perhaps the HEOS overloaded the AC-radio?

Or, it may be because i increased the timers on the radios, and disabled DARRP.




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