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5.x VIP for PAT not valid on 6.x

I used the following VIP config to perform a PAT (without NAT) on 5.x;

edit "vip-" set src-filter "" "" set extip set extintf "any" set arp-reply disable set portforward enable set mappedip "" set extport 22 set mappedport 2022


However on 6.0.10 creating this object fails with "

Static NAT's extip should be different from mappedip. object check operator error, -8, discard the setting Command fail. Return code 1"


How can I achieve this on v6?



Valued Contributor

I'm surprised that would have ever worked.  It sounds like a bug, because port-forwarding is redundant without NAT being involved.  Just tell whoever is connecting on port 22 to connect on port 2022, or change the application so that is listens on port 22.  Either way, port translation in this scenario seems like a hack around the real issue.

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FYI, the fix is to add 'set type load-balance' to the VIP config. Not exactly intuitive.


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