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5.4 Client and Windows 10

OK, this is starting to concern me, as I am finding the following:


1.) Install 5.4 client onto windows 10 machine. Install essentials only.

2.) Will work for a time period. Then? Mysteriously, it will disconnect. Then, if you attmept to reconnect? User will get the connecting will go to 98%, and then hang.

3.) Client will eventually time out, and return to asking for a username/password combination.


The only solution that I've found at this point is a complete uninstall, reboot, and reinstall of the VPN client.


NOT a solution that I want to give a Windows 10 user every time his VPN client decides to do something odd and disconnect...




Same Problem here with Win 10 and

Switching over to IPsec isn't an option.

Does anyone know when they will release the next build?

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azh wrote:

use IPSEC vpn for windows 10 :)

but then you cannot use combination of IP-source with username/group for rule, which seems to work only for SSL VPN rules, im I correct?


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