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2 questions about performance SLA

Hello team!!


I hope you are fine!

Have the following 2 questions about sd-wan performance SLA:


1) In many diferent Fortigates in Argentina we have the default performance SLAs which come in newer versions.  These performance SLAs are failing very often and we get a lot of unnecesary events.  Is there any servers recommended for performance SLA in Argentina/South America ?  It is better to set higher values in the threshold fields with the default servers?


2)  What is the event ID when a member route in a SD-WAN is removed or restored by performance SLAs?  I need to make an automation (I think based in event log) to get a notification when this happen, to know which inferface failed. 

"Network down" stitch did not work to me for IPsec VPNs on an SD-WAN


Thanks in advance.



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For no 2, take a look at this ,

As for 1, you could do your own sla's based on something you know there is locally, like a dns server or ntp.


Hello, thanks for your response.


I still could not get the event ID when a route is down, I see a lot of events related to servers failing for a specific performance SLA, but this is useless to me for this.  I read the page in the link but I didnt find out this.

I know I can create my own performance SLA, but I think private IP addresses wont work for WAN checks, and I dont know any public IP to use as performance SLA.