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Printing to local from a Remote Desktop Session over a VPN

Hi Everyone.

This is my first post.


I would like to find out if it is possible Printing to local from a Remote Desktop Session over a VPN.


I have my HP LJ printer installed on my company laptop , we use a RDS for our ERP application. on the Remote Desktop we have our network printers installed. i have configured the HP LJ printer on the RD session and it prints perfectly when im at the office.

the printer is attached to the laptop via usb. printer is setup on the RD session as a local port with \\laptop ip address\printer share name


once im connected via the VPN im not able to print to that printer, i know it would not work as the IP address changes to your Private Network address via DHCP.


Is there any way to to print from the RDS to my local printer at home ???


Thank you


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It would be depending on what kind of VPN you have and how you set it up. The print job from the RDP's destination server to your local machine wouldn't come over the same session. It would be a new session initiated by the server to your print server machine. If you don't set the vpn to make the session work, it wouldn't work. To check it, you can just ping from the server to the print server (of course icm-ping needs to be allowed over the vpn).