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Clear Forticlient SAML cookie on Mac?

Hi, We have some issues that Mac users get a white login screen when using FortiClient and SAML, so trying to clear the SAML cookies but canĀ“t find it. I have cleared everything with Forti in /Library/Preferences and /Library/Application Support. But...

esec by New Contributor
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FortiClient remains connected after logoff from Windows

Using the trial version of FortiEMS to get a configuration to work as required. Right now the FortiClient is registered to the EMS and set to allow for pre-login to the Windows laptop which is working well other than taking a bit longer to get to a d...

SSL VPN Prelogon off-net

Hi everyone,I'm asking for help in solving a problem with sslvpn. SSLVPN has been configured with EMS and windows pre-logon. I would like the automatic login to be only from the network outside the corporation. Currently when I block access from the ...

FortiClient SSL session continues to run after user logs out

We have FortiClient configured via EMS to run before login, so that users are shown the FortiClient login screen rather than the Windows one.This is all working correctly.Once User 1 logs out, their SSL VPN session is not terminated. If User 2 then l...

UEC by New Contributor
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Resolved! To reach other Networks with Forticlient VPN Connections

Dear Poeple,Nice Sunday first:-)I put a picture to explain my behaviour better.I want connect with a forticlient to FG1 to reach their network and reach the Network from FG2 too.FG1 und FG2 have side to side VPN connections.I can ping only the FG1 ne...

Kaplan by Contributor
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ZTNA Tags IP/MAC are empty

Hello everyone, I'm really suggering with ZTNA :( :) I tried to get IP/MAC informations inside my ZTNA tags on FortiGate. I configured corretly EMS / Forticlient and Fortigate. My tags are sync successfully but the are emtpy On my fortiGate, my devic...

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zoriax by New Contributor III
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