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Description This article describes how toconfigure manage FortiSwitches using hardware-switch interfaces and STP. Scope FortiLink Solution Related document:
Description This article describes config error where two FortiSwitches are connected to 802.3ad aggregate (dedicated to FortiSwitch) interface on FortiGate. Scope Solution In some cases, requirement is to manage two FortiSwitches directly to the For...
Description This article describes the recommended port speed configuration when using copper SFP module 1000-Base-T and the network impact if the recommended speed setting are not used. Scope FortiSwitch version 6.x and above. Solution Refer to the ...
Description This article describes the reason why we get the below error when managed FortiSwitch shows sync error: error_reason":"unable to find 'xxx' in table 'switch.vlan. Scope FortiGate and managed FortiSwitch version 6.x and above. Solution Som...
Description This article describes steps to configure VRRP6 configuration on the standalone Fortiswitches. Helpful Links. Page#25 VRRP configuration on IPV4 VLAN interface.
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