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DescriptionThis article describes how to access HTTPS of managed FortiSwitch by FortiGate.ScopeFor FortiSwitch managed by FortiGate.SolutionToplogy.Consider above setup. Client can access FortiGate via WAN port IP and FortiSwitch is mana...
DescriptionThis article describes when it is recommended to disable auto-stp-priority.SolutionIf the FortiSwitch is managed by FortGate and there is a need to overwrite the priority of the FortiSwitch then it is possible to disable the auto-stp-prior...
DescriptionThis article describes when it is not possible change role to admin for sub account under account management.Related link.https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortiswitch-cloud/20.4.0/administration-guide/998937/account-managementSolutionIss...
DescriptionThis article describes steps to take if you want to push igmp-flood option on managed FortiSwitch ports.Related documents:https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortiswitch/6.4.3/devices-managed-by-fortios/173274/configuring-igmp-snooping-sett...
DescriptionThis article describes which modem Firmware package is supported on specific FortiExtender models and region.Related link:https://docs.fortinet.com/product/fortiextender/4.2SolutionThe following info gives understanding on modem firmware s...