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DescriptionEnabling "brief-traffic-format" in " config log setting" reduces log volume by omitting some log fields. Solutionconfig log setting set brief-traffic-format enable end If you enable the above setting, the following log fields will not be a...
Description This "revision-image-auto-backup" setting was first introduced in V5.0. Solution This option is used to control whether the image will be automatically backed up on upgrading. It can be checked in the GUI by selecting the "Details" link n...
Description On FortiGate models which use NP6 network processors, the packet and byte counts in traffic logs for offloaded traffic are inaccurate when using the default settings.The following are two example logs:*** When offloading (default in firew...
Description In V5.0.0, the Replacement Message page has been changed into Simple View and Extended View.Solution In Simple View, it only shows "UTM" , "SSLVPN" and "Authentication" sections: In Extended View, it will show all the Replacement messages...
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