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hi I'm trying to ping from my wan interfaces of my fortigate 40F (v7.0.13). Interface 'a' can ping correctly but interface 'wan' cannot reach the destination. Interface 'wan': #execute ping-options source #execute ping P...
Hello, I'm not getting traffic in an ipsec vpn tunnel (HUB-SPOKE). When running the command "diagnose debug flow filter addr and" on my HUB I get: id=20085 trace_id=204199 func=ipsecdev_hard_start_xmit line=669 msg="enter...
Hi I have a fortigate 40F that is having problems communicating with the fortianalyser. When I perform a connectivity test I receive the "Unauthorized" message. I have already added the device to Fortianalyser. The output of the "exec log fortianalyz...
hi, I need to run a test with iperf3 on my backup link that is configured on interface 'A'. But when I run the iperf test the test ends up running on the wan interface (main link). What am I doing wrong? FRWF2A # diagnose traffictest showserver-intf:...
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